It’s All About The Fabric

Travelers expect a lot from their wardrobe on the road.  It needs to be many things; compact, light weight, offer UPF protection, wrinkle resistant, quick drying and even water resistant or water proof.  Below are 4 FAB fabrics that travelers can depend on.

MODAL (R) is made from sustainably forested beech trees this fabric is extremely soft  as well as durable.  It keeps its colour and shape overtime as well as keeps it’s strength even when wet.  It wicks away moisture from the skin 50% better than cotton.

SUPPLEX (R) is a product by INVISTA it offers the feel of cotton and durable nature of Nylon with more flexibility and less weight. It has all the great qualities of cotton without the wrinkles,  shrinkage and colour fading.  Other important features of this fabric are; anti-abrasion,  breathable, holds it shape, anti-tear, waterproof, dries fast and can be UV protective.

SOL COOL uses something called Icefil(R) Technology, This fabulous fabric is found in ExOfficio wear and can actually cool the skin up to 5 degrees Fahrenheit.  It is made with Xylitol which is found in birch trees.  They weave this stuff into the fabric so it cools your skin like a piece of mint gum would cool your mouth.  It keeps moisture wicked away therefore no bacteria and no smell!

SORONA (R) made by Dupont TM is a renewable resourced fabric made by plant based fibre.  The benefits include softness, colour fastness, stretch, keep their shape, fast drying and is very strong. It blends well with other fabrics and can be dyed at a cooler temperature to help lower the environmental impact of manufacturing.

It’s not like the old days of Polyester and Nylon.  These new fabrics not only deliver superior comfort and desirable features they also are environmentally friendly.  If you are looking to stay cool, be comfortable and look great while trekking through the globe remember it’s all in the fabric!